Web development

We are web development pioneers, proud of our expertise and in-depth knowledge in developing complex custom business solutions, intranet and extranet systems, web portals, e-commerce sites, CMS and presentational websites for worldwide known brands.


We build apps across all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We also have a great record of developing advertising applications, games, education applications, UI design for apps, market research and specification, mobile payments. We work with companies to understand their users’ needs and together to set up successful mobile campaigns.


We are not only digital experts – digital is in our DNA. We have our own banner factory where we successfully develop flash and standard banners, HTML5 banners, we do flash development of RM banners, banner localizations, resizes and adaptation for different ad platforms.


We are behind some of the most effective Newsletter campaigns – we are professionals in designing, developing and testing newsletters, so that they can reach the right audience and deliver our client’s message best. Also, please don’t hesitate to ask us for the development of a mini site or a landing page – we have a lot to tell and show you.

Content entry

Content entry tasks tend to be time and cost consuming. That is why we offer our clients the best solution – a team of top trained publishers and digital talents that guides them through the whole process, providing a strategic pricing advantage.

Video Post-Production

We have a brand new video post-production studio – BSB Vision. Now we are offering transcreation, colour grading, landscape & object 3D scanning, character rigging & animation, VFX supervising and video & audio post-production to all the agencies within the network.