In today’s business climate brands are growing globally more than ever. It is of the utmost importance for these brands to have the technological ability for digital asset localization. Scaling globally is important, but the ability to connect on a local level to each consumer is essential. These translations are based not only on where your audience is located but also on the specific interests of the audience. To achieve localization, you must first assess your goals for your content, to which there are three main kinds of localization. 


The first and probably the most obvious form of localization is language translation. This does not simply mean dropping your written content into Google Translate to copy and paste the output. Language translation is much more than that. When you are trying to connect and relate to a certain demographic of people, it is important to understand HOW they speak, and not just in what language they are speaking. Units of measurement, slang terms, and certain sayings are all critical to creating the right message. For instance, a billboard for a waterpark in New York reading “See ya’ll in 20 kilometers” is technically in English, but it would not resonate with the target demographic.


While it’s important to create high-quality content, responsive web pages, and rich digital media, it’s also important to understand that there is a wide variety of information is absorbed around the world. Colors, shapes, and graphics can all have different meanings depending on what audience you are presenting them to. The layout of your design is also highly dependant on who is reading it. People will scan a document differently in Asia than they would in the UK based on how they read and write.


Understanding the cultural differences between your target audiences is what will separate a good digital asset from a bad digital asset. What is offensive in some cultures may be acceptable or even expected in other cultures. Doing research before you start any kind of content is going to be a large part of creating culturally appropriate assets. 

At Provision World Group, our team creates the right message with the right assets for the right audience at the right time. Our goal is to extend your brand across every connection point and making meaningful connections with your targets across the entire customer journey.